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Language Placement

Placement Test
Language placement tests are only administered for students intending to major or minor in a language.

All other students seeking to fulfill their language requirements will be advised and placed by faculty in the Department of Languages & Literatures, SJH room 434.
Students are not allowed to register for a language class for the first time at St John’s without prior placement.  Students who bypass this regulation will be placed at the proper level by their instructor or by the language coordinator the first day of class, which might result in class schedule conflicts.

The purpose of the placement test to evaluate students' proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing competencies.

Students with no prior knowledge of the language they wish to take are naturally exempt from placement procedures and may register for level one. They will need to document this by producing a copy of their High School transcript on the first day of class.

Placement tests are administered for the following languages:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Administration of Placement Tests
Placement tests are administered at the Global Language and Culture Center, located in St John Hall, Room 104, during office hours. During the academic year placement tests are administered on a walk-in basis.  In the summer time — June, July and August — appointments are necessary due to limited staff.

Please call 718-990-6293 for an appointment.

Come during office hours and be ready to show a photo ID. The test should take approximately 45 minutes and requires no prior preparation.. After taking the test and getting the results,, students are asked to schedule  an interview with the coordinator for that language for final  placement and advice on suitable courses (see "Our Staff" on the department page for coordinator information). 

Students interested in Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) should contact the Institute of Asian Studies at St. John's University for proper placement.

Staten Island Students
Students at the Staten Island campus should consult the Dean's office for placement guidelines.