More Information

Student Support and Contacts

For general information on the Core courses or the Institute for Core Studies, contact Adam Smith.

Current students are urged to contact their instructor for aid in the instructional process. Your instructor is the most important person to turn to for help with your understanding of the course material and your grades.

You can locate your instructor's office location, email address and phone number by choosing the Institute's Discover New York faculty listing, English Composition faculty listing, or Scientific Inquiry faculty listing.

Faculty who are not part of the Institute yet teach Core courses can be located on their departmental website.

The Institute of Core Studies, in cooperation with the University Freshman Center, assists both students and faculty.

The University Freshman Center is a student support center which welcomes each freshman into the St. John’s University community and assist with students’ overall transition, acclimation and integration into the University setting.

If faculty feel that a freshman in their class is in need of assistance, faculty are urged to use the Faculty Early Alert referral form.

Students in Core courses are important to us! Let your instructors know you are here so they can be of the most assistance they can to you in your studies.