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History Minor

The Department of History offers a minor sequence to undergraduate students who wish to supplement their major fields of study with additional background in historical analysis and research. A history minor is an excellent addition to a major in Anthropology, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Communications, Criminology, Economics, English, Government and Politics, Languages and Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Sociology, or Theology.

The 18-credit minor in History requires completion of the following:

  • HIS 1000C Emergence of a Global Society
  • HIS 1010 World History I
  • HIS 2990 Introduction to History

Students in the minor must also complete one of the following seminar or colloquia courses:

  • HIS 4990 Seminar
  • HIS 4991 Colloquium in European History
  • HIS 4992 Seminar in European History
  • HIS 4993 Colloquium in U.S. History
  • HIS 4994 Seminar in U.S. History

Two other electives from among the departmental offerings, excluding HIS 1301 U.S. from Colonial Times to the Civil War and HIS 1302 U.S. from the Civil War to the Present, are required to satisfy the minor in History.