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Economists — and professionals with a solid foundation in the economics — are in greater demand than ever.

The continuing volatility of the world's economies has created a growing need by industries across-the-board for informed economic analyses to aid them in making sound business decisions. Economists help oil the wheels of society by monitoring trends, evaluating the distribution of goods and services and developing forecasts on such vital issues as interest and exchange rates, inflation, consumer demand, energy costs, employment levels and taxes. In addition, given the unprecedented importance of economic decisions, the need for secondary school economics is also intensifying.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects that employment for economics teachers will greatly outpace the 13 percent growth rate predicted for secondary teachers as a whole by 2018. Similarly, the growth rate for economists is expected to be 6 percent by 2018 and the demand for business and market analysts and related positions will surpass the growth numbers for general economists.

You can prepare for these career paths through the 126-credit Bachelor of Arts degree program in Economics at St. John's University, offered by St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Major courses are provided in partnership with The Peter J. Tobin College of Business — taking advantage of the acclaimed resources and faculty of two outstanding University divisions.

The program is designed for students interested in getting a broad liberal arts foundation as well as an introduction to cutting-edge economic and finance theories. It provides an excellent preparation for careers in business, law, education, public policy and advanced
graduate study.

Reflecting the University's Vincentian and Catholic values, emphasis is put on the ethical dimensions of business decisions.

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