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Therapy Rooms
The Center houses eleven private therapy rooms, which include three rooms specifically designed for child therapy.  These rooms include toys and activities which facilitate child sessions.

Observation Rooms
As a state-of –the-art training facility, the Center includes six observation rooms with one-way mirrors to facilitate monitoring of student sessions by supervisory staff and observation by practicum classes.  All observations take place with the written consent of clients.

Audio-Visual Equipment
As an additional aid to training, eight treatment rooms are equipped with cameras to permit recording via tape or digitally via DVD.  The recorded sessions can then be presented to supervisors for feedback.  All recordings are conducted with the written consent of the client and are used exclusively for training purposes.

Virtual Reality Equipment
Through the auspices of legislative grants, the Center has purchased specialized computer hardware and software which supports Virtual Reality (VR) environments.  Currently, the equipment is facilitating exposure-based treatment of military personnel suffering from battlefield PTSD.  In the future, it is planned that VR will be used at the Center to aid in the treatment of specific fears, e.g. fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of public speaking.

Computer Lab
The Center’s computer lab includes seven PCs which are used for scoring psychological testing protocols, chart documentation via specialized QuicDoc software, and general word processing.  Students in training at the Center have access to these computers at all times.

Testing Materials
The Center’s library includes over one hundred twenty psychological testing instruments and assessment protocols, kept up to date with most recent editions.

Training Materials
A “Therapist Toolkit” which includes a library of workbooks, empirically-based materials, and training DVDs and tapes illustrating various psychological therapies is available to all students as an adjunct to formal supervision classes and as a pragmatic help in clinical work.

The Center houses four classrooms in which supervision classes and special events are held.  The classrooms also provide areas from which therapy room observations can be made.

Student Lounge
A student lounge area includes seating, a microwave, and refrigerator for student comfort.

Confidential Student Voicemail
Each student is provided with an individualized confidential voicemail extension to facilitate contact with clients.