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Advanced Interdisciplinary Certificate Program

CLACS offers an interdisciplinary certificate, similar to a minor, designed for students who want to learn about the cultures and societies of our neighbors to the south, as well as for those who are considering a career with involvement in the Latin American and Caribbean area.  Candidates in the studies program can come from majors in any academic department in the University. The student selects courses dealing with Latin America and the Caribbean from offerings in business, economics, education, government, languages and literature, history, law, management, marketing, psychology, theology, and other disciplines.

Students at the graduate level may also enroll in the certificate program by itself. Students completing a Latin American Studies Program have been very successful in obtaining employment in international divisions and agencies of universities, businesses, and the government. They are frequently hired by multinational corporations, international health organizations, social welfare programs, and public and private schools.

Contact Information
Dr. Alina Camacho-Gingerich, Chair
Committee for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
St. John Hall, B3A, 1 & 9
(718) 990-1932
[email protected]

Graduate Admission Information
Office of Graduate Admission
(718) 990-1601
[email protected]