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Mark and Helen Levy

Teaching duo Mark and Helen Levy teach several undergraduate courses in The School of Education at St. John’s and they believe their collaborative teaching style is both effective and engaging.

“I believe the best educators care about their students and do what they can to help them succeed,” said Professor Mark Levy, who team-teaches courses with is wife, Helen.

“Seeing students use a hands-on inquiry based approach and apply the content of the courses as they become associate teachers and teachers is rewarding.” said Professor Helen Levy.

Both have been recognized by the Queens campus Student Government as Co-Outstanding Professors of the Year from The School of Education. The Levy’s believe one of the most significant benefits of teaching at St. John’s is the generous support from administrators and faculty.

“The administration and faculty in The School of Education are the most caring professionals I have ever met,” said Mark. “They are always available to help students with their educational decisions and personal life situations.”

“The values and ideals of the school make it a wonderful place to grow as a person and an educator, give back to the young adults who want to become educators and continue to learn,” said Helen.

One powerful message the Levy’s always leave with their students is that the best educators are the ones who encourage their students to think outside the box and set high expectations for themselves.

“Teachers should always promote inquiry, have high expectations for students and generate ideas by asking higher level questions,” Helen said. “St. John’s School of Education graduates are the most prepared and qualified teachers that I have seen in all my years as an educator.”