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Kelvin Sage

“I’m getting practical, real-world experience that you can’t get anywhere else.”

While he’s only entering his junior year, Kelvin Sage ’13 Ed is every bit at ease leading a classroom as he is learning inside of one, thanks to the hours of field work he’s performed as a St. John’s University undergraduate.

“What I love about The School of Education is that each class puts you out into the field with students,” said Kelvin, a native of nearby East Flatbush, NY. “Of course, I’ve learned a great deal inside the classroom, but through field work, I’m getting practical, real-world experience that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Kelvin, whose goal is to teach 4th grade, has visited several local schools through the University and looks forward to the student teaching assignments that are an integral part of the The School of Education curriculum.

Having in-class experience is a must for future educators, a fact that is not lost on Kelvin. “The education program here really is superb. St. John’s graduates have great success in finding jobs,” he said. The 19- year-old added, “The school’s reputation in that area is outstanding.”

While Kelvin has blossomed out in the field, he has also excelled inside of the classroom. He is a member of the Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education. “Being a member of the honor society has been a great opportunity to network with my student peers, as well as with those who are already working in the system,” said Kelvin. “It’s really helped me to become a better leader and helped me build skills that I can use in my classroom someday.”

Kelvin also serves as historian in his chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, having been nominated to the position in his first year of membership by Dr. Charisse E. Willis, Associate Dean in The School of Education.

Like his fellow students, Kelvin has found The School of Education to be a particularly tight knit group. “The School of Education has a real family atmosphere: Dean Willis is like a second mother to me,” he said with a smile. “She not only looks out for me in terms of my education, she looks out for me as a person, too.”

Kelvin also gives high praise to Professor Steven Ross for his ability to relate his course curriculum to the current state of the American education system. “Each day, Professor Ross would bring in news clippings about issues affecting the world of education and different techniques to use in the classroom,” said Kelvin. “It was a great way to connect my work in the field to my work in the classroom.”

With the first half of his undergraduate work complete, Kelvin is pleased with his experience at St. John’s. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world,” he said. “When I first got here, I felt lost, but between the activities on campus and the events off campus, I’ve really changed as a person. I’ve been able to build not only my social skills, but my leadership abilities, too.”

Looking ahead, he feels confident that St. John’s is preparing him well for the future. “My professors have given me the tools and knowledge I’ll need when I have my own classroom someday,” he said. “Thanks to St. John’s, someday I’ll be able make a difference in someone’s life, the way my professors have made a difference in mine.”