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Kaitlin D'Aversa '11

“Once I came to St. John’s I knew I’d be successful,” says Kaitlin D’Aversa ’11Ed. When Kaitlin arrived at St. John’s University on the first day of her Freshman Orientation, she found herself among hundreds of new students. She was very nervous about being accepted by her new classmates, but soon discovered a group of fellow education majors, “Orientation was where I met two of my closest friends and began the best experience of my life.”

Kaitlin says Grace Friedman, Ed.D. is one of the professors from The School of Education who influenced her to pursue a career in education, “Not only was Dr. Friedman’s class one of the most fulfilling classes I’ve ever taken, but it was a class that helped shape me as a person.” Kaitlin was inspired by the genuine interest Dr. Friedman took in her students’ futures, “At the end of every class there was always a line of students waiting to speak with her. She showed me what it truly means to be an educator.”

Since entering St. John’s as a freshman, school has taken on a whole new meaning for Kaitlin, “I couldn’t be more grateful to be a member of St. John’s education program. The best part of being an educator is that you give the gift of knowledge to those willing to learn.” Upon graduation from The School of Education, Kaitlin intends to become a teacher and believes that her experiences in St. John’s education program have prepared her to make a difference in the classroom.