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Geraldine Castelli

School Counseling Program 

After receiving my Masters at The School of Education at St. John’s University, I chose to pursue an Advanced Degree in the School Counseling program based on the reputation of the program and its professors. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  As a student in the School Counseling program, I had the chance to work with professors who were caring, intuitive, and most of all engaging.  The professors in this program provide their students with hands on experience by utilizing the counseling lab, selecting videos appropriate to class discussions, setting up trips throughout the semester, and giving their students the opportunity to apply the skills they learn by conducting in class mock counseling sessions with live feedback.  For example, my mentor, Dr. Ferdinandi, has always stated that he looks to make the connection from what students learn in the classroom to the practical experience of the ‘worldroom’ and to create not just better counselors, but better people.  And being in this program has done just that for me.  The lectures, the experiences, the internships, and the connections I have made here have made me a better counselor and a better person.