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Courtney Curby '10

“When I left Chicago for New York to attend St. John’s University, I was uncertain about what lay ahead,” recalls Courtney Curby, a senior in St. John’s School of Education. “But I have been extremely happy with the experience and am confident that the next phase in my life will be even more rewarding and successful.”

Like many students entering college for the first time, Courtney was unsure of what she would do once she graduated. Then, during her freshman year, Courtney made a decision that would change her life forever, “When I first stepped on campus, I had no idea what to study. All I knew was that I wanted to prove myself both as a student and as a member of the women’s soccer team.”

Her love of reading and writing, strong morals and desire to help others drew her to studying education. Courtney decided to pursue a degree in adolescent education so she could one day become an English Language Arts teacher. “Being an education major exposes you to so many different experiences and pushes you to challenge your beliefs and strive to be a better person every day.”

Accepted to St. John’s s as a Presidential Scholar for her remarkable academic achievement in high school, Courtney is currently the Head Scholar of the prestigious Dean’s Scholars Honor Society and considered one of the top students in her undergraduate education program. She feels all of these accomplishments will give her the confidence she needs to empower others in the classroom.  

“I want to be an example for my students and show them the value of lifelong learning. I want to help them understand that what they learn in school will be connected to so many other things in their lives and that every opportunity can become a learning experience.”

Courtney believes being on the women’s soccer team goes hand in hand with the lessons she’s learned in the classroom. Learning how to cope with adversity, work with a team and help others in times of need are invaluable skills she has developed over the years as a player, “Soccer for me truly models teaching. It forces you to maximize your potential, pass on knowledge effectively, manage individual and group emotions and define your overall role.”  

“One of the things I love most about being a St. John’s student is discovering who I really am and the type of person I want to become. As I continue to pursue my degree in teaching and become more exposed to the various aspects of education, I know that I am being prepared for life-long success.”