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Institute for Catholic Schools

The Institute for Catholic Schools was established in 2009 when, consistent with its Mission to serve the local Church, St. John’s University’s Office of the President and The School of Education collaborated and gave birth to The Institute.  It is marked by the distinguishing quality of actually going into the schools and continually soliciting their needs from principals and superintendents themselves. We meet regularly with the superintendents of our three local dioceses: Brooklyn, Rockville Centre, and the Archdiocese of New York, as well as with the principals, listen to their needs and then create conferences, meetings, programs, and in-school workshops that meet those specific needs.  The Institute is an active member and participant in Catholic Higher Education Supporting Catholic Schools (CHESCS) under the auspices of the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA). 

Mary Jane Krebbs, Ph.D., Executive Director

Steven M. Neier, M.A., Assistant Director


Catholic elementary and secondary education in New York and across the nation has long made great contributions to society and to the Church.  While this continues to be the case, Catholic education is also facing unprecedented challenges today.  At this critical time, St. John’s University-consistent with its mission to serve the local Church-establishes this Institute in a desire to serve as a valuable resource in collaborating with local dioceses to support and enhance Catholic primary and secondary education. 


The overarching purpose of the Institute is to foster the long-term sustainability, growth, and excellence of Catholic education by assisting the local dioceses in enhancing the administrative and academic infrastructure of schools.  This would consist of improving communication and collaboration between elementary and high schools in order to facilitate creation of a seamless, integrated K-12 Catholic education system for students.