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Project Hope Grant

Do you want to improve your students’ math achievement? Join our Project Hope the Javits Grant Research!

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About Project Hope
Project Hope is a federally funded, five-year research study designed to implement and evaluate the effectiveness of Mentoring Mathematical Minds (M3) program for mathematically promising English learners. The M3 program was originally developed by Dr. Katherine Gavin at the University of Connecticut and her research team members, including Drs. Suzanne Chapin, Linda Jensen Sheffield, and Judith Dailey. It is a research-based mathematics curriculum for promising students. It was developed as an acceleration and enrichment
curriculum. One of its emphases was on developing students' communication skills for mathematical problem solving.The Project HOPE took place in two states: New York and South Carolina.

The M3 Program
The M3 program, developed by the University of Connecticut's Dr. Katherine Gavin and her research team, which consists of  Drs. Suzanne Chapin, Linda Jensen Sheffield, and Judith Dailey, is a research-based mathematics curriculum for promising students. It was developed as acceleration and enrichment approach with emphasis on students' communication skills to achieve a mathematical way of problem solving.

Potential Benefits for Schools

  •     LEP students’ math achievement and English Language proficiency will be improved.
  •     Teachers’ expertise in math and ESL instruction will be improved.
  •     Schools will be provided with enrichment resources in math.
  •     Achievement of all students in the school will be improved as “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Why should your School participate in the study?

  • The educational needs of LEP students are unique. LEP gifted students are advanced and motivated to learn but their strengths are usually not recognized. They often receive little differentiated instruction or curriculum according to their level of advancement.
  • The Mentoring Mathematical Minds (M3) program addresses the LEP students’ needs directly by recognizing their strengths in math and using these strengths to augment their English language development. The advanced and motivating curriculum offered by M3 has shown to be effective in increasing the math achievement of gifted students in high poverty urban schools.
  • This study is funded by U.S. DOE under the Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Act and seeks to expand the implementation of M3 program in four states — New York, New Jersey, Florida and California.
  • This project is a cooperative effort between schools and researchers to find more responsive ways of scaffolding learning, linguistically and academically, for LEP gifted students nationwide.

For more information about Project Hope, please contact Seokhee Cho, Ph.D. at (718) 990-1303 or [email protected].