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Pat Bean ’80CBA, ’88MBA

Small Town, Big Heart: Pat Bean and the Staten Island Golf Outing 

Before coming to St. John’s as an undergraduate, Pat Bean ’80CBA, ’88MBA received valuable advice from her father: don’t just join an organization – become an active member and get involved.

Without a doubt, Bean took those words to heart.

Since 2007, she has served as Chairperson of the Staten Island Golf Outing Committee and just recently finished her sixth and final year at the position. During her tenure, Bean continued and strengthened the outing’s mission to raise money for student scholarships.
“The coolest part of the job was receiving letters from students who obtained our scholarship money,” Bean said. “Some read like the standard ‘thank-you’ letters that your mom makes you write, but others were truly touching. These students told us their hopes and dreams, their unique stories and why our money made a difference for their families.”

A graduate from St. John’s Staten Island campus, Bean loves reuniting and reminiscing with her STJ friends and former classmates. In fact, the campus’ incredible sense of camaraderie and community, according to Bean, is precisely what makes its alumni so generous and eager to contribute to events like the Staten Island Golf Outing.

“So many of the people here are friends that you’ve known for 20, 30, 40 years – sometimes even your whole life,” she noted. “That’s what I love about not only our Staten Island campus, but Staten Island in general. It’s got that small-town feel even though we’re in the city, and the people here are so willing to help. I think their incredible support of this outing and of student scholarships is a perfect example.”

Given her emphasis on personal relationships, it’s no surprise that Bean’s favorite part of the Golf Outing is choosing each year’s honorees, individuals who are recognized for their outstanding contributions to both the St. John’s and their local communities.

“I really enjoy learning the back stories of the people we choose,” Bean said. “You’d be surprised to find out how much these honorees have done, how strong their ties are to the community. Simply put, they do good without seeking recognition, so I enjoy shining the spotlight on them, even if just for one night.”

Some of the honorees have been personal friends of Bean’s, resulting in powerful and meaningful moments for this dedicated alumna.

“We posthumously honored Rita Noss, the former Secretary in the Office of Student Life, and that was both difficult and rewarding for me,” Bean said. “Rita was like my mother when I attended St. John’s, so when I delivered my speech introducing her, it was quite hard. I was standing up there with her sons beside me, talking about what a wonderful and funny woman she was, simultaneously laughing and crying. It was a very meaningful moment for me.”

Given Bean’s incredible enthusiasm and organizational skills, it’s no surprise that she also thrived in the professional world. For over two decades, she served as a Chief Estimator at Sweet Construction Corporation – “the best job I ever could have imagined,” as she calls it – and takes pride in having been a successful female in what was then a male-dominated industry.

“Back then, there were very few women working in Construction,” she noted. “But I worked with some terrific coworkers – the type of guys who showed me no favors, but showed me common courtesy, and I still adore them to this day. There are many more women working in Construction nowadays, but it used to be a rare occasion that I’d see another female.”

Between her professional career and her active role in the St. John’s community, Pat Bean is the epitome of a St. John’s success. And given the popularity of the 2012 Staten Island Golf Outing – raising nearly $25,000 for student scholarships – it’s safe to say she went out with a bang.

“One thing I’ve learned over the years is to try not to lose sleep over this event,” she recalled. “When you’ve got the right people behind you, it always falls into place. And though I may be stepping down as Chairperson, I won’t be going anywhere. I still plan on helping out and being a part of this great St. John’s tradition.”