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Jency Jones

MBA, International Business

Manager, Vote-Audit Broadridge Financial Solutions

After graduation from The Tobin College of Business, Jency Jones joined ADP, a company that has participated in the College’s Executive-in-Residence Program for many years. The company focused on learning and continuous improvement and when executives from ADP met Jency they immediately selected her to be a part of their Management Training Program. Jency is now working in ADP’s spin-off company, Broadridge Financial Solutions, where she is managing a team of her own.

“Being selected into business honors programs such as Executive-in-Residence and Asset Management brought real life business into the classroom and really helped to sharpen my analytical thinking and strategic planning skills,” says Jency.

Although Jency believes her bachelor’s degree helped her to gain the foundation for her business knowledge, earning an MBA degree was a great connection to the real-world working environment. “In my role as a Manager, I work with various groups within the organization, oversee projects, set department procedures, and give presentations for different initiatives. My degree exposed me to learning lessons applicable to my current position,” she says.

In addition to the honors programs, Jency also swears by Entrepreneurship and the Student Managed Investment Fund as classes that really helped launch the early success of her career. In the Entrepreneurship class Jency was able to write a business plan for a new venture, where she set up financials, organizational charts, and marketing plans. In the Student Managed Investment Fund, Jency and her fellow students were able to conduct research on prospective stocks, and present which stocks would be the right fit to buy and add to the St. John’s portfolio—a true stock portfolio. “Knowing that we were investing real money added a special dynamic,” she states.

“Overall the classes at The Tobin College of Business are great! The professors are knowledgeable, and the learning experiences turned out to be very positive. The skills I gained during those years have transferred over to my workplace and I’m a better employee for it.”