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Global Destination Courses

Tobin Global Destination Courses (GDC) offer exciting international study abroad opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students.

The mission of these courses is:

“To create significant life experiences for our students that combine rigorous educational objectives with real world exposure to international business operations and cultures.”



Each semester, the Tobin College of Business offers exciting international study abroad opportunities through our Global Destination Courses (GDC). Students experience a rich diversity of cultures, political systems, and business perspectives while developing the critical skills to succeed in today’s global marketplace.

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Find out about some unique features that a GDC might have: The Dean's International Opportunity Program (DIOP) or The Insurance Leadership Award

Spring 2019 GDCs-  Applications are now OPEN 


ROME AND FLORENCE, Italy - For Accounting Scholars Only:  Click here for more details. Apply here.


SHANGHAI & BEIJING, China - Click here for more details. To apply click here.




LONDON, England: Undergraduate: For more details click here.  Apply  here.

                                  Graduate: For more details click here.  Apply  here



ATHENS, Greece - Click here for more details! Apply  here



BARCELONA, Spain - Undergraduate (cross listed with  Int'l Bus ): Click here for more details! Apply  here

                                       Graduate: Click here for more details! Apply  here. 


DUBLIN, Ireland - Undergraduate (cross listed with  Int'l Bus): Click here for more details! Apply  here.


DUBLIN, Ireland - Graduate: Click here for more details! Apply  here



LIMA, Peru - Undergraduate (cross listed with MGT): Click here for more details! Apply  here

                       Graduate: Click here for more details! Apply  here

Undergraduate : 
LONDON, PARIS & ZURICH ( w/Bermuda add-on) - Click here for more details! Apply  here.
LONDON, PARIS & MUNICH ( w/Bermuda add-on) - Click here for more details!Apply  here.

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