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The Review of Business: Interdisciplinary Journal on Risk and Society

This is a peer-reviewed journal. The Journal publishes basic research on how business manages and engages with risk or uncertainty, and basic research on the resulting effect on society, so as to produce evidence-based quality knowledge that can impact the practice of business.

Much of the spectrum of how business engages with risk, and how such engagement, in turn, impacts society is opaque. Thereover, this journal is sensitive to the conceptual and practical considerations imposed on scholars of business by this opaqueness.

The Journal was first published in 1964 as a business publication of St John’s University to encourage the practical and applicative side of inquiry on the New York economy. It has evolved into an impactful academic journal.

In a 2008 report, titled “Impact of Research: A Guide for Business Schools," the AASCB International, a prestigious accreditation body of business schools,  defines high-impact research for a typical faculty at a school of business. In this report, publishing in an established discipline-specific journal, and receiving a high citation count, is a clear indicator of high impact. Of note is the argument in the literature that the construction of any research evaluation metric incurs significant costs and thus, what is popularly used to measure the impact of research, implicitly depends on how the costs and benefits of producing that metric are apportioned. This AASCB report continues to explain that integrative research across management disciplines or research that reaches beyond the business school is consistent with the spirit and intent of what constitutes high-impact research.  This is the framework within which this journal defines its impact.

This Journal (ISSN 0034-6456) is on Cabell Whitelist, and in full-text on the Web of Science (Emerging Sources), ProQuest (Global Collection), EBSCO (Business Source Primer) and  at IgnitEd. The Main Library of St. John’s University in New York maintains a complete archive of the Journal’s issues.

The Journal is not a profit-making endeavor. It has no submission fee. It is supported by voluntary contributions and donors.

The Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St John’s University publishes the Journal in hard copy form in January and June.

Address inquires to the editor, Nicos A Scordis, at [email protected].

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The January 2019 issue is now available online.