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Financial Information Lab

Spawning leaders in a host of industries, primarily within financial services, both regionally and globally, The Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John's University opened the Financial Information Lab. The lab enhances the education we deliver through the establishment of a learning environment that brings real-time news, market information, financial data and industry-class analytical tools to our students and faculty.

This type of facility enables our students to learn about and live in the financial markets in business environments and situations throughout the world. Students benefit from the most contemporary learning technology and tools of analysis that are available in the marketplace today.

 For Students:

  • Risk management students can simulate scenarios using multiple variables to arrive at best formula for risk coverage.
  • Finance and economics students access to real-time business data and news from around the world, aggregated to make the soundest decisions on investment and portfolio management.
  • Decision sciences students can utilize the lab to draw from databases and databanks around the world in making decisions within or across business disciplines.
  • Students of organizations and organizational behavior use the lab to derive the most contemporary business cases for use in strategic and operational analyses.
  • Marketing students use the lab for research and planning relative to new products and services for consumers.

For Alumni:

Establishing the Financial Information Lab at the College contributes
significantly to our reputation as a leader and innovator in business education, thereby raising the profile of the Tobin degree worldwide.

For Faculty:

The lab enables faculty to provide instruction that is exciting, informative and engaging. Equipment and tools in the room support numerous applications, some of which are:

  • Direct analysis of a business case with up-to-the-minute financial information
  • Follow news with a class of major corporate mergers or financial market events via one of the business cable news channels on the LCD screens
  • Perform research in support of strategic business plans (EIRP)
  • Access a mergers and acquisitions database for case analysis of accounting treatment
  • Chart and/or download thousands of global macroeconomic variable series
  • Download historical price data for financial instruments for analysis·
  • Download historical financial statement data into Excel instantaneously
  • Evaluate the implications of a marketing plan
  • Create stock analysis research reports
  • Track the performance of a stock portfolio    

For Corporate Partners:

The laboratory environment holds virtually unlimited promise as a mechanism for provision of training, updating of skills or corporate education in innumerable fields of business, such as financial services, business journalism, e-commerce, management of risk, insurance and quantitative finance.

For more information about this exciting new venture, please contact John Neumann at 718-990-88829 or [email protected]