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Specialized Workshops

For more than 30 years, the Center for Professional Education at St. John’s University has provided seminars, workshops, certificate programs and exam preparation programs as well as consulting services to industry, governments and regulators worldwide.

The Center is uniquely qualified to offer these programs due to our ability to call upon scholars, accomplished executives and specialists in the insurance and financial services fields. In this way, we can present the most recent developments in risk and insurance from both academic and pragmatic viewpoints.

The courses delivered at the Center are public programs attended by individuals from a variety of companies. Depending on enrollment, our courses can also be held off-campus at an organization’s request, and can be tailored to meet an individual client’s needs, both in terms of content and scheduling.

For further information about our public programs, call the Center at 212-277-5161 or email [email protected].

In addition to the our other programs, we also offer specialized workshops and unique programs for corporate clients,  custom designed to address specific needs within the insurance industry and the business community as a whole.They are tailored to accommodate the needs of corporate clients, and can be delivered either at a client's location or in one of the Center's classrooms at 101 Astor Place.

Please call Larry Pistell at 212-284-8581 if you are interested in developing a unique program for your organization.