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The U.N. PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) Steering Committee has approved that a Faculty Research Award be designed to recognize scholarship at TCB that aligns with the PRME mission “to inspire and champion responsible management education, research and thought leadership globally”.  The PRME Research Award would be targeted at research projects addressing global issues and values reflected in the six PRME Principles, such as: sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, responsible business leadership and stewardship, stakeholder management, international business ethics, and engagement with civil society and other key sectors to resolve pressing global problems.  This award would join the established categories for research awards that include basic research and pedagogical research, and would be announced as part of the Faculty Research Awards Application memo.  It is further recommended that the UN PRME Steering Committee, with its members most familiar with the spirit of the principles, offer their input to the Faculty Development Committee in establishing the award criteria to the extent those criteria differ from that stipulated for the other awards.  For example, in addition to research rigor, journal quality and value added to the field that may be appropriate criteria for all the awards, we may look for potential social impact, implications of the research for business or policy, and alignment with the U.N. PRME Principles (we can provide these principles to the committee). 

The amount of the award will be determined by the Dean, but is recommended to be the same monetary award as that attached to the other Faculty Research Awards to emphasize the value the College places on mission-related research and the strategic importance of our UN PRME signatory status.


Bergbrant, M. C., Campbell, K. T., Hunter, D. M., Owers, J. E. (2016). Does Deposit Insurance Retard the Development of Financial Markets? Journal of Banking and Finance, 66, 102-125.


Outstanding Research Supporting UN PRME – Dr. R. Mitch Casselman, Associate Professor of Management, Dr. Linda M. Sama, Associate Dean of Global Initiatives and Joseph F. Adams Associate Professor of Management, & Dr. Abraham Stefanidis, Assistant Professor of Management- Differential Social Performance of Religiously-Affiliated Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in Base of Pyramid (BoP) Markets


Outstanding Research Supporting UN PRME – Dr. Yun Zhu, Assistant Professor, Economics and Finance- Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance: An Analysis of Bank Community Responsibility


Outstanding Research Supporting UN PRME – Dr. Abraham Stefanidis, Assistant Professor in the Department of Management- Banai, M., Stefanidis, A., Shetach, A., Ozbek, M. F., Attitudes toward Ethically Questionable Negotiation Tactics: A Two-Country Study