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The Dean’s International Opportunity Program (DIOP)

Spring Break 2018

Each year, one of the Global Destination Courses (GDC) is designated as the “Dean’s International Opportunity Program (DIOP)”.  This program provides financial support to students participating in that particular GDC.  The funding for this program is jointly provided by the University through the Office of Global Studies (OGS) and by the Dean of the Peter J. Tobin College of Business.

This year’s Dean’s international opportunity program is the Accounting GDC with travel to Dublin, Ireland during the Spring Break,  led by Dr. Joseph Trainor.  

Students participating in this program will automatically receive a scholarship valued at approximately $500 to subsidize the cost of the program.  No specific application is necessary – just the application to the GDC program itself.  Note that you may see marketing or advertising that shows the NET cost of the program once the scholarship is applied.  This Dublin-ACC GDC travel program fee will now be $1650 per student, please note this includes airfare.

For more information, please contact, Ms. Lina Cajiao-Qurioz at 718-990-6477 or email: [email protected]