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Jedd Audry '09CPS

Online Learning Serves as a Major Stepping Stone

“This feeling of accomplishment is indescribable- the ability to say that I’m finishing something that I started years ago is something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.”

When Jedd Audry left St. John’s University and New York in 2002 to relocate to Mississippi, it was uncertain whether his dream of getting a college degree in computer science would ever come true – that was until he discovered St. John’s Online Learning program.

“When I was attending St. John’s Queens campus, it was during a time in my life when my priorities weren’t in order and I allowed myself to get distracted with other things going on in my life.”

Six years later in 2008, Jedd decided he was ready to finish earning the degree he had so long ago started to pursue. “I was elated when I found out St. John’s computer science program had expanded to include a Online Learning component. The Online Learning program has allowed me to complete my bachelor’s at St. John’s while living in Mississippi and achieve all of my long-term educational goals.”

Jedd will now graduate in May 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from St. John’s College of Professional Studies’ Online Learning program. He feels he would have never gotten to this point in life without the ability to earn his degree online. “Living in the Southeast, this program has proven to be a very practical way of furthering my education without having to physically uproot from my current situation. The flexibility of the program is also perfect for anyone who has to juggle a full-time job and at-home commitments.”

The user-friendly format of the program along with the candid discussions with his classmates is what motivated Jedd to focus on learning and concentrate on ideas that he says have always intrigued him.

“What I value most about this whole experience is the freedom it gave me to investigate and understand various topics not only from the professor’s perspective but from the students in my classes who were always more than willing to help - I call it online camaraderie.”

Jedd’s determination to go back to school and finish his degree when faced with obstacles is a clear indication of his determination to carve out a successful future for himself. “A college degree is without question the most important stepping stone to a successful career path. The online program has given me the opportunity to turn an overwhelming love of learning into tangible results.”