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Errol Adams '11G

Masters of Library Science

Online Learning at St. John’s Opens Up Limitless Possibilities

Online learning at St. John’s University allows students to receive the same quality education available in the classroom. For graduate student Errol Adams ‘11G, taking online courses at St. John’s had the additional benefit of exposing him to the technology he would use regularly in his chosen profession as a librarian.

Errol completed his coursework in the University’s MLS program last semester, which included four online courses, including Database Management and Web Design. “People in my profession tend to communicate through online bulletin boards,” he observed. “Taking online courses allowed me to become conversant in these forums. It kept me abreast of all the advances in technology throughout my profession.”

Having already completed his JD at Touro Law School, Errol hopes to obtain a position as a librarian with the FBI, CIA or the Department of Justice. He is also investigating positions as an academic librarian in law schools. “All of these positions would effectively combine the knowledge I gained in law school and at St. John’s,” Errol stressed.

His online course experience taught Errol the virtue of effective time management and allowed him to take an internship in Washington, DC at the National Archives, while simultaneously completing his studies. “It was great to have that option,” he stressed.

Another unique element of online coursework that Errol found helpful was the feedback he received from professors. Unlike a traditional class setting, he was able to refer back to their archived responses for future reference. “Their responses were often detailed and illuminating which helped with future assignments.”

Errol also appreciated the ease with which he could reach his professors online when freed from the constraints of traditional office hours. “They were always available,” he noted.

Grateful for the online experience, Errol found it a great complement to traditional classroom coursework. “At times being in a classroom is a burden. Taking classes online opens up a whole new set of possibilities.”