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Nikole Rossano ‘11CPS

In a world where job and other responsibilities grow increasingly complex and family schedules become more hectic, St. John’s offers the flexibility of online courses allowing students to pursue the same quality education they receive in the classroom.

Nikole Rossano ‘11CPS, a Legal Studies major, is grateful for the opportunities online courses  at St. John’s have offered her. A native of Manchester, NJ, Nikole chose St. John’s on the recommendation of a relative who attended. “My cousin explained to me how caring the professors were, and I was definitely looking for a smaller, close-knit experience,” she observed, adding that she has combined online courses with the in-classroom experience.

Nikole has combined Online Learning courses with the in-classroom experience. She said she especially benefited from the ease with which Online Learning courses fit into her summer schedule. Legal Studies is one of 25 bachelor’s degree programs in the College of Professional Studies at St. John’s, which also offers 13 associates and four graduate degrees.

Nikole clearly made the right decision and has enjoyed her time at St. John’s immensely. Her first experience with online courses came during her Study Abroad experience in Spring 2009, when she traveled to Ireland, Italy and France. “Online courses were a great option for me while I studied abroad,” she said. Since then, Nikole has enrolled in online courses each subsequent semester, including History, Introduction to Christian Marriage, Accounting, Math and several others.

“I am a self-motivated learner and taking classes online gives me the flexibility to work at my own pace rather than that of a traditional classroom environment,” Nikole observed, adding, “I live in New Jersey, so less time spent commuting is always a plus.”

Succeeding in online courses requires discipline. “That helps my organizational skills and gives me the freedom to spread out my assignments in a way that works best for me,” Nikole stressed. “I like being able to create my schedule in the comfort of my own home.”

Nikole will graduate in May and hopes to enroll in the Masters of Professional Studies in Criminal Justice Leadership program at St. John’s in the fall. She has already been accepted for a presummer session in Rome after graduation. After graduate school she hopes to attend Law School. “I hope to become a lawyer and use my legal skills to help people in the local area.”

Nikole has encouraged many of her fellow students to explore online courses at St. John’s . “It teaches you self-discipline and gives you so many options.”

Try online courses this summer. They might be right for you, too.