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Margaret Monahan ‘09CPS, ‘10MPS

Margaret Monahan ‘09CPS, ‘10MPS smiles broadly whenever she speaks about her two-month internship in Barcelona this past summer. As part of the requirements for her M.S. in International Communication, she secured an internship with WOW Time Media, a Spanish public relations firm. The assignment extended from the last week in June through the first week of September 2010.

Margaret, who majored in advertising as a St. John’s undergraduate, is happy she chose the “right college for my personal development and career goals.” She also considers herself “unbelievably lucky” to have had supportive professors like Basilio Monteiro, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of Mass Communication. Dr. Monteiro introduced her to the idea of enrolling in the graduate program on international communication. The program has led her to extend her horizons to learning about media opportunities in other countries.

“We were asked by Dr. Monteiro what we wanted to do to gain hands-on professional knowledge. I said I wanted to get an internship overseas,” she noted. By the end of the semester — thanks to Dr. Monteiro’s contacts — Margaret was on her way to Spain to work at WOW Time Media. “I had no time for second thoughts,” she added.

Except for participating in a conference in Vienna along with fellow International Communication students — Margaret had never been abroad or on her own. “At first, I was a little anxious,” she admitted. But, with Dr. Monteiro’s encouragement, she jumped right in and embraced the opportunity. “My rule was to say yes to everything that I encountered there,” she said. “Thanks to this program, the whole experience was magical.”