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Kylie Springs ’18CPS

As soon as she walked on to the Queens campus of St. John’s University, Kylie Springs ’18CPS knew she had found a home.

“One thing was immediately clear,” said Kylie. “St. John's had the resources and alumni network I was looking for to help me achieve my goals.” 

A Legal Studies major, Kylie also noted the sense of community she encountered on her first visit to the University. “It’s an atmosphere that everyone contributes to,” she observed. “Everywhere you turn, there’s someone who wants to help you succeed—faculty, administrators, fellow students. St. John's makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself.”

Discovering Her Inner Leader

For Kylie, being a student at St. John’s has changed her life in unexpected ways. She knew her courses would provide the knowledge and skills necessary  for success in a changing world; she was also able to learn about other cultures while tapping her own ability to lead. “It’s really been eye-opening,” she said.

For example, Kylie joined the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority, which she credits with changing the course of her St. John's experience. “Once I took on a leadership role in the sorority,” she said, “many more opportunities opened up for me.” She also values the friendships she made. “I found like-minded women who inspire and support me,” she noted.

Kylie gained confidence in other ways as well. Originally from Elmont, NY, she had not traveled much before coming to St. John’s. That changed when she took part in the Global Passport program, which allows entering freshmen to spend a week in Paris and Rome. Later, she enrolled in the University’s Discover the World program, in which she spent a semester studying in Rome, Paris, and Seville, Spain.

“It was an amazing opportunity I don’t think I would have had anywhere else,” she said. “Experiencing new cultures and ideologies broadened my scope of the world. I now have friends in every city I visited.”

Today, Kylie shares her positive St. John’s experience as a Student Ambassador, guiding prospective students and their parents on tours of the Queens campus.  “I’m always hopeful my story will inspire others to join this wonderful community,” she said.

After three years, Kylie has decided to go on to law school. Her decision stems from another aspect of the St. John’s experience—the University’s Vincentian mission, which emphasizes serving others. “It’s not just about attaining my own goals,” she said. “It’s about helping others attain theirs. St. John’s has shown me how we’re all connected, and how we can all help each other attain our full potential.”