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Joe Leva ’09CPS

Though Joe Leva ’09CPS entered St. John’s University as an undeclared freshman, his decision to follow his passion ultimately led to a blossoming career with the New York Yankees.

“As a kid, I had dreams of becoming a sports agent,” he recalled. “But it wasn’t until I took my first sport management course that I decided to really focus on that area.” Leva enrolled in the sport management program in the College of Professional Studies. He added, “I was blessed to have some great teachers who really pushed me along and challenged me in different ways.”

In 2006, he secured an internship with the Yankees and was invited to stay on with the team at the conclusion of the semester. He spent time in the team’s box office, where he worked hard to differentiate himself from the others. “When everyone else in the booth was wearing a polo shirt, I would wear a suit and tie,” he recalled. He steadily worked his way up until reaching his current position.

Today, Leva is often called upon by professors from the University to talk with students about his experiences in the field. “St. John’s welcomes people from different teams to campus all the time,” he said. “I think that gives them such a huge advantage over other programs that don’t have that kind of network.”