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Glenn Gerstner '89 SVC

Alumnus, Professor and Director of the Graduate Sport Management program

In addition to being an alumnus, professor and Director of the Graduate Sport Management program, Professor Gerstner chairs the College of Professional Studies’ Division of Hospitality, Tourism and Sport Management. A proud member of the University community for over 26 years, he currently teaches sport finance and the economics of sport classes, which he made mandatory for all sport management majors.

“My experience as a St. John’s student has been invaluable to my role as professor and chair. Even though I am in charge of an entire division of the college I have no plans to stop teaching. Working with the students is something that I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to each and every day.”

Prof. Gerstner was immediately drawn to education after accepting an offer to teach an undergraduate finance course while pursuing his M.B.A. at Hofstra University. Apprehensive at first, Prof. Gerstner eventually took the position and never looked back. “After two weeks I realized what my new career path should be.”

Only in its third year, the graduate sport management program already has several successful alumni who are working at some of the top organizations in the sports industry, including the Big East Conference and the New York Islanders.

Prof. Gerstner says, “St. John’s undergraduate sport management program has been in place for more than 30 years and currently has more than 400 students. The graduate program is following right behind and will become just as well-known and successful.”

Prof. Gerstner stresses to his students the importance of networking and reaching out to those already established in the field. He believes this is the key to success in any field and the reason why so many of the students from the program have quickly found highly coveted positions in the industry.

“I tell my students that 95 percent of the people they meet will be willing to help them out, all they need to do is ask. It feels good when I get my former students’ e-mails or calls long after graduation and they tell me that in some small way I have been a positive influence in their career and their life in general. One of those every couple of years is enough to keep me going for a very long time.”

For more information about the Graduate Sport Managament program, please contact Professor Gerstner at 718-990-7474.