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Belyne Vil ’03CPS

Belyne Vil ’03

The Promoter

As an undergraduate, Belyne Vil ’03CPS saw herself working for a large public relations company, delivering PowerPoint presentations at board meetings, and mingling with co-workers around the water cooler. But some things don’t happen as we imagine—they turn out better!

While launching her public relations career at a variety of firms, Belyne shaped a grander vision for her professional life. That was to establish her own company, which she did 10 years ago with the creation of BEintegrated PR. A lifestyle agency specializing in media relations, brand development, product placement, and creative marketing campaigns, it caters to the beauty, fashion, entertainment, hospitality, and health industries. Belyne’s accomplishments include securing placements for her clients on The Today Show, the Dr. Oz Show, Inside Edition, and many others.

"I was an ambitious student at St. Johns,” says Belyne, who earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts. “I worked every day after school and held a number of internships.” However, Belyne admits, “sometimes, like every student, I lost focus. I vividly remember daydreaming in one media class, when suddenly, my professor loudly exclaimed, ‘Belyne, be here NOW!’” She never forgot the advice. “It was profound and poignant,” she says. “BE HERE NOW—it’s something I would offer to all current St. John’s students. Live in the present, but always plan for the future!”

Eager to share her experiences with current students, Belyne has returned to campus a number of times to join panel discussions organized by University Career Services. She wants them to know that they, too, can realize their dreams after they graduate.