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Ashley Livingston ‘12CPS

St. John’s Proves the Right Choice for Transfer Student Second Time Around

For Ashley Livingston‘12CPS, transferring to St. John’s was a second chance to attend a university that suited her best. “I applied to St. John’s originally in 2008,” she explained. “I was accepted, but decided at the last minute to go out of town. I’m so glad I’m finally at St. John’s.”

Ashley especially values being able to pursue a degree in St. John’s acclaimed Criminal Justice program. The courses offer superb preparation for her career objective of becoming a defense attorney. The University’s top-ranked School of Law also adds to St. John’s allure. “St. John’s is also high up on my wish list for law school,” she said.
Ashley is especially impressed by the support transfer students receive at St. John’s. “Everyone involved in helping me transfer — from administrators to financial and academic advisers — has been wonderful,” she said. “They’re concerned, caring and nurturing.” Of course, she added, being awarded one of the University’s generous Transfer Scholarships made her decision even sweeter.

Personal attention extends to the classroom, said Ashley. Caring professors who bring their vast experience to the classroom provides “an added dimension to my education that will help me make informed decisions about my future,” she said. “It’s really amazing how St. John’s offers so many educational and personal advantages that were missing in my previous school.”

This spring, Ashley has secured a coveted internship allowing her to shadow the Nassau County Attorney General. “I can’t think of a better way to get to know the nuts and bolts of the criminal justice system,” she said. This plumb position will also help her gain invaluable professional contacts.

To share her St. John’s experience, Ashley has agreed to serve as one of the University’s Transfer Student Ambassadors.” I am more than happy to help anyone else who wishes to transfer to St. John’s,” said Ashley.