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Anthony Missere

Associate Professor and Director Sport Management program

“Knowing the game and its rules is not enough,” explains Anthony Missere, Associate Professor and Director of the College of Professional Studies Sport Management program. “Those who wish to work in the field of Sport Management require specialized knowledge and experience in areas such as game operations, public and media relations, marketing, accounting and other business practices,” he says.

Enrollment in the undergraduate and graduate sport management programs have more than doubled since Missere was named Program Director 10 years ago. A former college hoopster and coach at Pratt Institute, where in 1977 he was named “Coach of the Year” by the Metropolitan Sportswriters Association, he also played professional basketball in Italy.

Missere feels one of the most beneficial things about attending St. John’s University is that students are studying in New York City, “With a wide variety of sports and sport-related organizations and facilities at their doorstep, they can gain valuable field experience through a multitude of internships. Right now, we have students with all the professional sports teams that are headquartered in the City: the Jets, Mets and Yankees,” Missere says. “They’re also learning and gaining experience working at Madison Square Garden, FOX Sports and many other professional sports league offices.”

With the explosion of the sports industry overseas, Missere believes the next logical step is for students to take their sport management education abroad, "We identified that sports is becoming more of a global business, so we had to expand our program to incorporate an international component.” The department’s Masters of Professional Studies in Sport Management offers students the option to specialize in International Dimensions, preparing students for a variety of careers in international sport management.