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Alison Adamski '07CPS

“Everyone faces obstacles in life, but how you choose to handle them is what makes you different from the rest,” says Alison Adamski ’07CPS,’10MPS a St. John’s University alumna and current student in the graduate sport management program. Alison speaks from experience when she talks about facing challenging obstacles. As an undergraduate, Alison suffered numerous injuries to her lower back and shoulder while playing on the St. John’s tennis team, but after a few months of physical therapy Alison led her team to victory during the BIG EAST Championship in 2008: “Before the matches at the BIG EAST, I had to take pain medications, and after each match I sat in an ice bath to numb the pain and get ready for the next day of competition. This just shows you that if you really want something, you can do it no matter what hardships you go through.”

Alison’s motivation and commitment to sports are the reasons why she decided to enroll in the College of Professional Studies Sport Management Masters of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) program. In addition to attending graduate school, Alison works as an Administrative Fellow for Compliance at the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference: “Working in the sports industry, I see that a lot of higher level positions that are being offered require or would prefer if you had a graduate degree in sport management. Gaining this degree will help me advance in the sports world, by better preparing me to do the best job I can.”

A former undergraduate student at the University, Alison’s first choice for graduate school was her alma mater: “I decided to come back to St. John’s because of the relationships I built with my professors in the sport management program. The small class sizes make it easy for students to develop personal relationships with their professors who are an important resource for when you begin your job search.”

Alison believes that deciding to pursue her graduate degree in sport management is one of the best decisions she has ever made. For anyone interested in taking their sport management education to the next level, Alison’s words of advice are: “Go for it. It would be one of wisest decisions you could make and the knowledge you learn from the professors along with the research you do is very beneficial. Also, the connections St. John’s has with sports organizations all over the world will definitely help you get ahead in your career.”