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Michael Kyriakides ’16MPS
When two jetliners crashed into the Twin Towers on the morning of September 11, 2001, Michael Kyriakides was with fellow police officers at a training session in Bronx, NY. He and his colleagues headed for Manhattan.
Kevin Kaulfers ’09CPS, ’11MPS
As a freshman in the College of Professional Studies (CPS), Kevin Kaulfers thought he had his career path planned. However, the advice he received as a Criminal Justice major opened his eyes to a wider array of opportunities in the field.
Chidozie Ibeabuchi
“St. John’s has relationships with every professional sports league, so no matter your interest, the University can steer you toward an internship with a team or league that makes sense.”
JohnAnthony DiMaria ’17CPS
“Studying abroad was a great opportunity to put what I’ve been learning in the classroom at St. John’s into a real-world setting.”
Denise Kamyuka '18CPS

"Over the summer I had the pleasure of working with Professor Baeva on a new Film Festival project", said...

Belyne Vil ’03

As an undergraduate, Belyne Vil ’03CPS saw herself working for a large public relations company, delivering PowerPoint presentations at board meetings, and mingling with co-workers around...