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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Do you have an interest in entrepreneurship? Want to solve a problem? Want to gain practice and resources essential to entrepreneurship, pitching, and building ideas and innovations? This page is a compilation of the start of St. John's University's new entrepreneurial initiatives organized by the College of Professional Studies.

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Academic Programs

Minor in Entrepreneurship

The College of Professional Studies Minor in Entrepreneurship (ENT) is open to all students at St. John’s University, regardless of major. The ENT Minor features a combination of applied and academic learning experiences that provides students with the foundational understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur, and creates a supplementary experience that takes students from the classroom into the world of entrepreneurship. Students examine the many aspects of entrepreneurship and the role of the entrepreneur bringing innovation to a large corporate environment. Students choosing the Entrepreneurship Minor will learn critical thinking and problem solving skills, and understand how to recognize and assess opportunities, craft business plans, develop business presentations, implement efficient operations, and engage business partners and resources for their ventures. Through elective courses they can also apply their entrepreneurial focus to a specific industry/sector. Students will have the opportunity to not only acquire the skill set(s) necessary to be a successful entrepreneur, but also take those ideas to market and have an impact that most can only dream of.

For more information on the Entrepreneurship Minor Courses, click here.

Programs and Events

Pitch Johnny

The Pitch Johnny Competition is the start of St. John’s University’s new entrepreneurial initiatives organized by the College of Professional Studies. This annual competition takes place at St. John’s University, Queens Campus. The competition is open to all St. John’s Students, with students competing in one of five tracks: Freshman & Sophomore, Junior & Senior, Graduate, Women and Veteran Tracks, giving them the opportunity to present their innovative idea, gain valuable feedback from industry professionals and a chance to win a cash prize.

For more information on Pitch Johnny, and how to apply, click here.

To read about the 2017 Pitch Johnny Competition, click here.

Young Entrepreneur Series (Y.E.S.)

The Young Entrepreneur Series were a series of events related to Entrepreneurship and Pitch Johnny. Student engaged in these meetings learned what it meant to develop an idea, pitch the idea, and hear from those who were, or are currently in industry.

These events were:

Global Development Entrepreneurship Program

The Global Development Entrepreneurship Program is a semester-long program for undergraduate and graduate students where students develop their own entrepreneurial ventures/businesses, enhance them in connection with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and take their ventures and pitch them in an International Pitch Competition.

The purpose of this program is to help students develop their entrepreneurial ventures with a global focus, connect these ventures with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and build teams with other international students through the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) Academy to compete at the ICSB Business Pitch Competition, amongst many other things.

For more information on the Global Development Entrepreneurship Program, click here.

To read about the International Council for Small Business 2017 Academy, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, click here.


Innovation Lab 

Innovation Lab at St. John's UniversityThis lab is a hands-on design and test space where students learn how to develop new ideas and products and how to transform them into final “sellable” content/output. While innovation can be of any type and come in many forms, the lab is a hub for high-tech discovery, virtual reality experimentation, 3D printing and mobile application testing. Teams working on lab-to-market projects are invited to use the space to work on their innovations, under the guidance of a faculty or an industry mentor.

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For more information on the Innovation Lab, contact Luca Iandoli at [email protected] 


International Council for Small Business (ICSB)

The International Council for Small Business (ICSB) is a non-profit organization devoted to continuing management education for entrepreneurs and small business.  

The Council was founded in 1955 on the belief that enlightened small business management is necessary for successful and profitable small business; that successful small business is essential to our national economies; and that entrepreneurship needs to be fostered to stimulate a dynamic and growing economic system.

For more information on the ICSB, click here.

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