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Computer Science Society

Mission Statement
As an organization, the Computer Science Society (CSS) strives to integrate the classroom experience with real-world, industry related experiences to breed members that are ready to enter into an exciting career in technology. Whether it be networking with industry professionals, to attending informative workshops, to resume building sessions, CSS will supply you with the tools necessary to develop into that forward thinking individual who will help lead the technological revolution.


  • Provide an avenue by which computer science students and other interested parties can form a community, where they can share knowledge and experience while simultaneously building a meaningful social network.
  • Give students the opportunity to use their knowledge and apply it to real-life problems.
  • Use our collective knowledge to give back to the St. John’s community in ways of which we are most capable.
  • Accentuate what is learnt in class by providing students with guest lecturers, who will show the how their knowledge can be applied to real-world problems and situations.

For more information, please contact:

Dr Joan DeBello
Associate Professor - Moderator
[email protected]