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Maria Fatima Torres

Small class sizes, modern facilities, and friendly nature of its students are what attracted sixth-year pharmacy major Maria Fatima Torres '09Pharm.D. to St. John’s University: “During my senior year of high school I took a campus tour of St. John’s and discovered that it offered everything that I was looking for in a college.  Not only does it have a reputable pharmacy program, but its mission is centered on the same Catholic values that I was raised with. Right away I knew St. John's would be my new 'home away from home.'”
As a Student Ambassador and Parent Orientation Leader, Maria often gets the opportunity to express her pride in the University, “I get to speak to prospective students and their families and help ease their anxiety about the college transition and at the same time make friendships and develop social skills that I will be able to use in other areas of my life.”

Throughout her four undergraduate years at St. John’s, Maria experienced many things that she feels have helped her become a more confident and caring individual: “The pharmacy program continues to provide me with the knowledge that I need to become a credible and responsible health care professional. By taking on leadership roles in Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society and Pharmacy Leadership Society, I have been able to fully realize my interest in pharmacy.”

Upon graduation, Maria plans to attend a post graduate pharmacy residency: “Throughout my career I plan on working in both the ambulatory and institutional settings so that I can provide care for different patient populations.”

Although she admits pharmacy is a challenging major, with self discipline and dedicated study time, she feels students have the potential to excel in the field, “Students should always remember to stay focused and persevere because the end result of graduating as a Doctor of Pharmacy is very rewarding.”

Maria attributes her success in college to the fact that she does not just go to class and study, but has also joined numerous clubs and organizations on campus: “Take full advantage of everything the University has to offer.  It is through these opportunities that we learn more about ourselves, others and different cultures, giving us a chance to become more educated and well- rounded individuals. Learning from experience, it is possible to have both a concentrated academic life and a fun social life.  As long as time is managed wisely, pharmacy students should not be hesitant to be open-minded in taking on ‘once in a life time opportunities.’”