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Diane Hardej '95G, '03Ph.D.

“I am absolutely ecstatic to be teaching here at St. John’s,” says alumni and professor Diane Hardej ’95G, ’03Ph.D. Having been a St. John’s student herself, Dr. Hardej understands St. John’s commitment to fostering its academic community, “I was eager to apply for a position at St. John’s College of Pharmacy because of its pleasant atmosphere and the collegiality I observed while going to school.”

Dr. Hardej is currently teaching several courses including graduate toxicology and believes that the most gratifying part of being an educator is having a positive impact on her students’ lives, “Hands down, the most fulfilling experience in my career as an educator has to be having students come back and tell me how my influence, my encouragement or my instruction has made a major difference in the course of their lives.”

Dr. Hardej believes in pushing her students to reach their full potential, “I consider myself to be a rather demanding instructor, but I try to do it in a way that will encourage students to be more demanding of themselves and yet not totally overwhelm them.  I think I’ve been successful in accomplishing that, or at least I’ve had many students tell me that the knowledge they’ve gained from my instruction has been very valuable to them.”

Not only is Dr. Hardej an alumna and faculty member, she is also an active participant in the University’s many community service projects: “By participating in events like University Service Day, I’ve tried to deliver the mission of St. Vincent to my students through example. I always encourage my students to participate in service events, such as “Relay for Life,” Service Day, blood drives and other events that give back to the University community through donations or service.”