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Andriy Vintonyak ’12P

For Andriy Vintonyak ’12P, caring for others has been the hallmark of his education as well as his career. While pursuing his bachelor’s degree in radiologic sciences at St. John’s, he decided that the University’s Vincentian mission was a superb guide to a productive life. “It opened my eyes to the true meaning of good moral character—and how to conduct myself in the eyes of humanity,” he said.

Today, Vintonyak is a Supervisor of Radiology at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, where he provides staffing for imaging of people with potentially life-threatening diseases. Vintonyak oversees 80 employees and also performs various scans on patients in a department that operates 24 hours a day. “I try to create a better hospital and community,” Vintonyak said. “My job, at its core, is about what I must do as a human being, because I owe it to the people who came before me, and the ones who will follow.”  

Graduating from the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences with a 3.9 GPA, Vintonyak says the University gave him the confidence he needed for his career development while the rigorous course work prepared him to move up quickly to a managerial role. “Everything I learned at St. John’s contributed to my success,” he said. “I can still hear the voices of my philosophy and theology professors who helped shape my moral principles and values—which are at the center of how I deal with employees, patients, and distressed family members.”

“I was the happiest person alive when I got into St. John’s," Vintonyak says, "and I count myself lucky to be one of its alumni.”