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Vikas V. Dukhande, Ph.D.
“This grant will greatly enhance the department’s research environment and profile, and students will benefit from participating in an NIH-funded project.”
Jasjit Kaur Multani and Professor Hochstein
Jasjit Kaur Multani, M.P.H., M.L.S.(ASCP)CM, ’12P prefers to learn by doing. As a result, when she was reviewing potential college programs, the practical aspects of the Bachelor of Science degree program in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS) in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences attracted her attention.
Mark Hanna

Even though Mark Hanna comes from a family of healthcare professionals, it was a unique set of circumstances at a job in high school that put him on a path toward a career in the pharmacy industry...

Pirachas Family
What is better than having one member of the Piracha family among College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences alumni? Having four family members, of course!
Chez Valenta

Before leaving New Zealand in 2004, Chez Valenta taped a map of the United States to her wall and threw a dart at it. “Wherever it hit,” she said, “was where I was going to go.” It landed in the...

Katherine Sheldon
“I chose St. John’s because I saw opportunities here to grow as a person, in my faith, and in my ability to impact the lives of others. The fact that one of the key pillars of St. John’s is service was very attractive.”
Hira Shafeeq ’09Pharm.D.

The trip was made possible by the Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE), an organization that offers exchange programs to students and faculty...

Deanna Ingrassia

By the time Deanna Ingrassia '16MS came to St. John’s University, she had already puzzled over the next step in her career.

“There were so many paths to consider,” said...

Allison Raich Potar ’07Pharm.D.
"I'm the team's drug expert for patients and their families. I love my role because I really get to know them."

For Alando Hall, the Vincentian mission of St. John’s University sparked a strong desire to help others. Today, the former...

While working full-time in the forensic biology lab at New York City’s office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Shernae Scott...

How did you first become involved with service at St. John’s?

After I was accepted to the Catholic Scholars Program at St. John’s, it was my hope that the values...