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EMS Faculty

The faculty of the EMS Institute consists of Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, Nurses, Physician Assistants and Doctors; who come from various backgrounds, including the Emergency Medical Services, Police Department, and the Fire Department. Our staff of  educators have well over 300 years of experience in pre-hospital patient care and many years in educating both pre-hospital and in-hospital patient care providers. The New York State Department of Health Bureau of EMS  certifies all of our instructor coordinators and lab instructors. The continued educational development of our staff is crucial to us so that we may provide our students with the best educational experience possible. We constantly work to improve ourselves and strive to learn new ways to disseminate information to our student body. 

St. John's University Emergency Medical Institute Administration
Victor PolitiProgram Medical Director, MD, FACP, FACEP 
FrankRiboniDirector EMS Education, BS, Paramedic, CIC, NYS Regional Faculty 
Scott HollidayAssociate Director EMS Education, BS, Paramedic, CIC, NYS Regional Faculty 
St. John's University Emergency Medical Institute Faculty
JacqueAmbadjesParamedic, CIC
ArmenBaltaianEMT, CLI
KeithBrownParamedic, CIC
JasonChanParamedic Intern
ScottChiangClinical Site Visitor
LisaDeSenaParamedic, CIC
JessicaDeRestoBSN, Paramedic, CIC
NicoleDietscheBA, EMT-P
JustinEnzmannParamedic, CIC, Hazmat Specialist, Technical Rescue
MichaelFinneranEMT, CIC
ChristinaFrankEMT, Intern
TimHoffmanParamedic, CIC
DonnaJaworskiEMT, CIC
JohnKleinParamedic, Intern
MariaKleinBA, EMT-P, CIC
MeaganLucasBS, NREMT-P
LiamLyonsEMT Intern
ChristinaMackayEMT Intern
RobertMackayMS, EMT, CIC
MichaelMaialeBS, Paramedic
AramMarkosyanParamedic, CLI
DanielMeiselsMPA, Paramedic, CIC
RobertParkParamedic Intern
PaulPartainParamedic Intern
AnthonyPortigianoCC-Paramedic, NR-Paramedic, CIC
IreneQuinnEMT, CIC
FidelRamnaraineParamedic, Intern
VincentSantoiemmaMBA, Paramedic, AHA TCF, CLI
PeterShanhaiEMT, Intern, AHA TCF
BarryShapiroBBA, Paramedic, AHA TCF, CIC
RaymondSmithParamedic, CIC
VinicioTorreParamedic, Intern, AHA TCF
CharlesValicentiParamedic Intern
BismarkVangesParamedic Intern
ShoshanaWeinerMS, FNP-BC, RN, NR-Paramedic, CIC
MollyWerfelParamedic Intern
StewartWolfBA, Paramedic