Grants Bulletin Spring 2023

The Office of Grants and Sponsored Research (OGSR) represents the preaward administration office and nonfinancial post award administration at St. John’s University. We provide service and support related to research activities across all Schools and Colleges and departments at the University and work closely with the Office of Business Affairs regarding postaward items such as the financial management of sponsored projects. Sponsored programs include research, instruction and training, public service, evaluative testing, and other scholarly and creative activities conducted under the direction of University faculty, administrators, and staff and funded by organizations external to the University in accordance with award regulations.



The Summer Support of Research FY 2023–24 program fosters an institutional culture of faculty research productivity. To this end, the University has made available a limited number of Summer Support of Research funds for full-time faculty. It is the expectation that this program will lead to scholarly productivity, as well as the potential to increase our external funding.

Summer Support of Research applications are due by midnight on Friday, April 21. Email applications to Elenora Levin, M.B.A., C.R.A., Director, Office of Grants and Sponsored Research, at [email protected].


The University’s Seed Grant/Venture Capital Fund FY 2024 program provides support for the development of projects and programs that have the potential to attract substantial external support to the University. The fund provides financial support for projects and programs that further any one or more of the University’s top priorities—education, research, and/or public service. Submission of projects and programs that support the University’s efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion are encouraged.

Recipients of support from this internal grant competition are required to submit an external grant application within nine months following the period for which support is received. All full-time faculty and administrators are eligible to apply. Faculty who receive University summer stipend grant awards remain eligible to receive support from this program.

Applications should be submitted electronically in PDF format by midnight on Friday, May 12, to Elenora Levin, M.B.A., C.R.A., Director, Office of Grants and Sponsored Research, at [email protected], and Christina Costello, Grants Coordinator, Preawards, at [email protected].

Your application must be complete; it requires the signature of your Department Chair at the time of submission prior to the deadline.


The research activities of St. John’s students and faculty are increasingly diverse and impressive. Opportunities in research are continually being made available through the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research as well as the Student Research Opportunity Center; grant engagement continues to rise; publications are flourishing; and students are presenting papers at national and international conferences. We expect that through Research Month activities, the St. John’s community becomes increasingly aware, supportive, and proud of the great research performed by students and faculty.

This year’s event is an intensive, two-day conference. On Wednesday, March 22, student poster sessions will be held in Taffner Field House from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. featuring research posters from across all scholarly disciplines. On Thursday, March 23, undergraduate and graduate student research presentations will take place in the D’Angelo Center Ballroom.

Please note that participant capacity is limited. Posters and presentations will be included in the program on a first-come, first-served basis. To conclude the two-day event, the Grants Reception/Award Ceremony will take place from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in the D’Angelo Center Ballroom. This year, we recognize and honor the accomplishments of

Christine Chim, Pharm.D.
Associate Professor/Industry Professional, Department of Clinical Health Professions, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

[email protected]; 718-990-3744

Seokhee Cho, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Administrative and Instructional Leadership, The School of Education
[email protected]; 718-990-1303

Yan (Helen) Yu, Ph.D. ’05G
Associate Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
[email protected]; 718-990-1996


St. John’s University has an active subscription to the SPIN portal, which is available to the University community. SPIN contains information on more than 8,000 current funding opportunities, i.e., grants, fellowships, and other support programs.

Published by InfoEd, Inc., the database is updated almost daily. You will find a helpful keyword thesaurus divided into 12 major categories or topics. Included among the broad topics are separate sections on Arts/Humanities; Behavioral/Social Sciences; Education; Science and Technology; Mathematics; Computer Science; Management/Commerce; and Law. After clicking on a broad topic, you have the option of narrowing your search by selecting one or more descriptive keywords. You may sign up for email notification of opportunities relevant to your discipline.

The majority of the grant opportunities included in these databases are intended to support the activities of independent professionals and others with terminal degrees—usually a doctorate—in their discipline. Therefore, when conducting a search for funding opportunities for students, you may wish to narrow your search to funding opportunities specifically intended to support students.

These databases are not designed to provide information related to traditional forms of financial aid, scholarships, or loans for students, nor is this a form of employment service for students. The type of information for students contained in these databases includes the most competitive of academic programs, including dissertation fellowships, summer research internships for undergraduates, and a limited number of travel opportunities.

Please email Karen Giovanniello, M.B.A., Senior Grants Analyst, Postawards, at [email protected] for an account and instructions.

National Institutes of Health FORMS-H

FORMS-H, the new iteration of grant application forms and application guide instructions, are now expected to be required for all National Institutes of Health (NIH) application packages. OGSR will work with faculty to ensure all applicable applications are in compliance.