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Global Language and Culture Center

Come to the Global Language and Culture Center  and practice the world languages you have been learning.

The GLCC is one of the academic support centers of St John’s University  serving students registered for classes in the Department of Languages and Literatures, the Institute of Asian Studies, the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, and the Language Connection , as well as any student  interested in furthering his or her  knowledge of a  language.  There students can  start practicing one or several of the languages currently offered at St John’s University. Through immersion and interaction, with the help of trained language assistants they will build on the language skills acquired in the classroom in a convivial and pressure-free atmosphere.

The Center offers large seating areas in a library-like setting for studying and group gathering. It is equipped with individual language pods, computers, large screen TVs and reference material.

Our Programs and Services

  • Language practice
  • Language tutoring
  • Accent reduction and pronunciation enhancement workshops
  • Grammar and writing workshops
  • Test preparation workshops
  • Round table conversations
  • Cultural orientations for the Discover The World and Semester Abroad Programs in Rome, Paris and Salamanca Seville
  • Preparation for internships in Paris
  • Foreign movie nights with presentation and follow up discussions
  • Language club meetings and events
  • Induction ceremonies and events for Language Honor Societies
  • Lectures and cultural events
  • Video and audio language collections
  • Foreign magazines, periodicals and language reference material
  • Access to foreign language TV channels
  • Advisement on studying for languages
  • Advisement on language courses at St John’s
  • Language placement testing


Weekly Hour of Practice at the Center

For all language classes offered by St. John’s College Department of Languages and Literatures the former language laboratory requirement has been replaced with a fourth hour spent at the Center to put into practice what has been learned during the three hours of weekly classroom instruction.

At the Center, students can join a variety of workshops, engage in group activities under the supervision of a tutor or graduate assistant, receive individual tutoring in Arabic, Chinese, ESL, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Russian,  Spanish, phonetics and language acquisition  to improve their grades, participate in round table conversations in the target language, attend language events, or simply watch foreign TV channels or videos and use the resource material put at their disposal to study.

Language placement testing for the Department of Languages & Literatures is administered at the Center.  This test is only required of students intending to major or minor in French, Italian or Spanish.  For other students please see placement policy guidelines.

Come for an individual or a group tutoring session. Come and study for your language classes on your own, or with a study partner.

Become a regular at the Center and increase your proficiency in one or several foreign languages to set the ground for future travel abroad and open windows on your world.

There are two ways of registering for language tutoring sessions:

1.  For group sessions: By signing up for group tutoring sessions for a set day and time throughout the semester.  This is done during  the GLCC class orientation the first week of classes.  The groups are small - from 2 to 8 students of the same class level.  No need to make subsequent appointments.

2.  For individual sessions: Go to MySJU, select the Academics tab, scroll down to "Academic Support Services" , "Global Language & Culture Center" and click on the "Make an appointment" link. Create your account to log in and make your appointment

Center Hours and Location:

Monday, Tuesday,, Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

St. John Hall, Rooms 104, 105, 106
GLCC Help Desk: 718-990-6293

Center Administration:
Michele H. Jones, Ph.D., Director, St. John Hall, Room 106A, 718-990-6041
Katerina Trabazo, M.A., Administrative Assistant, St. John Hall, Room 104, 718-990-8352