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Psychology 3-Yr, Bachelor of Arts

120 Credits

St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Staten Island Campus


While the traditional four-year college is still the most appropriate for a majority of students, the Staten Island campus at St. John's is introducing a three-year option for those who are able to complete intensive programs of study.  These programs are in response to emerging public questions about the response of universities to the abilities of students who can (1) complete their undergraduate education in a unique way (2) who are ready to absorb academic learnings to meet the challenges of the 21st century and, (3) whose families are interested in saving time and money while their children pursue a quality educational experience.

Estimated Savings of $29K

Students who pursue an accelerated program of study will move through their respective programs as a cohort, creating not only a unified curriculum, but also creating groups that will support one another and encourage the exchange of ideas that typify high-level, quality colleges and universities. They will be supported throughout their three years and two summers of study, including participation in a required study abroad program which will enhance their global knowledge during one summer at either of the University's two splendid campuses in Rome or Paris. 

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Admission Requirements

Recognizing that St. John's is Staten Island's only University, we are looking for students who exhibit high qualities of leadership in their religious institutions, community groups, service organizations, or those who aspire to become these leaders now and into the 21st century. Those students accepted into the three-year degree program, will form a cadre of people who want to make a contribution to the nation and to the world.

  • Are articulate about their interests in a major area of study
  • Can express their interests with solid writing abilities
  • Look forward to becoming global leaders
  • Are committed to serving those who are most in need

Curriculum Requirements
Students will be required to complete 18 credits during each of six fall/spring semesters throughout their program. They will complete 9 credits during each of the two summers in which they are matriculated at St. John’s – following their first year on campus, and following year two (18 credits total).

Admission Office
Staten Island campus
[email protected]