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Master of Science in Health Sciences Career Pathways

Master of Science in Health Sciences Career Pathways

St. John’s University’s Master of Science in Health Sciences degree is a multidisciplinary program that can lead to a wide range of in-demand health-related careers. Whether you aspire to continue your study in medical school, pursue other clinical roles, or want to embark on a career in administration, the MS in Health Sciences program can help you achieve your professional goals.

What Does the MS in Health Sciences Degree Entail?

The master’s degree in Health Sciences provides an alternative pathway to students who have encountered challenges using traditional routes into health careers. Aiming to cultivate effective health care professionals, the program utilizes a transformative curriculum to help career changers, aspiring medical students, or current health care workers advance their knowledge in life sciences, health management, and medical research. 

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Diverse Career Options for MS in Health Sciences Graduates

Health care is a fast-growing field with ample high-paying and fulfilling job opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects health-care-related occupations to grow 15% through 2029. Through the rigorous Master of Science in Health Sciences program, our graduates can find different job opportunities that best fit their interests and goals. The curriculum positions them to be highly competitive for entrance into a range of advanced health careers in specialized areas and also be well-prepared to continue their post-graduate education.

Pursuing Clinical Roles

With a unique pre-med design, the curriculum of the Master of Science in Health Sciences program can effectively help students excel in the Medical College Admission Test® (MCAT®) exam. Graduates are well-equipped with advanced medical knowledge to seek admission to medical school and start their journey of becoming a doctor. In addition, the program also leads to other clinical pathways such as veterinary medicine, dentistry, chiropractic medicine, and physician assistant. 

By choosing the path of continuing their medical education, our students are able to work toward launching their rewarding medical careers and increase their earning potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many of the clinical roles come with excellent salaries:

  • Physician and Surgeon: over $208,000/year
  • Dentist: $164,010/year
  • Chiropractor: $70,720/year
  • Veterinarian: $99,250/year
  • Physician Assistant: $115,390/year
  • Physical Therapist: $91,010/year

Non-clinical Roles

St. John’s University’s Master of Science in Health Sciences program also opens many career avenues for students who are interested in pursuing non-clinical careers such as health educators, health care administrators, and medical researchers.

Health educators provide health and wellness education to people of all ages. They design and implement programs to promote health and prevent disease according to the client’s needs. Working in a variety of settings such as hospitals, health centers, schools, and government, they can make a median salary of $48,140 per year.

Health administrators are responsible for the day-to-day operations of health care providers. Common job titles include Medical Service Manager, Administrative Manager, Healthcare Manager, or Healthcare Executive.

In addition to the career paths listed above, the versatile Master of Science in Health Sciences program can be applied to many other health-related occupations such as:

  • Clinical Research Scientist
  • Medical Project Manager
  • Health Scientist
  • Community Health Director

Partnership with Ponce Health Sciences University

The Master of Science in Health Sciences program develops an academic partnership with Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU). Through the partnership, we offer the unique opportunity to expand students’ medical career networks with medical school instructors and other health practitioners. Students are able to connect with industry leaders, gain cutting-edge insights into the medical field, and explore their career options. 

Career Support at St. John’s University

At St. John’s University, our commitment to student success not only reflects our unparalleled academic experience but also our extensive career support. With comprehensive career advising services, job fairs, and industry partnerships, we have achieved a nearly 90% job placement rate.

Pursue In-Demand Health Care Careers with a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences

Earning a master’s degree in health sciences from St. John’s University is a great way to advance toward a wide range of health-related careers—from medicine and dentistry to clinical research and healthcare administration. Your potential is unlimited. 

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