Bilingual-Multicultural Education, Certificate Program


The division offers a 15 graduate credit course sequence leading to a bilingual extension certificate. Coursework will provide students with the theory, multicultural perspectives, and practical background to work in bilingual and/or dual-language classroom settings. The five course sequence will allow the initially certified teacher to obtain the knowledge and skills of: (1) the theories of bilingual education and bilingualism, (2) the multicultural viewpoints of education, (3) the social, psychological, and psycho-linguistic aspects of bilingualism, (4) the methods of teaching English language arts and native language arts to bilingual English language learners, and (5) methods of teaching content area instruction to bilingual English language learners, using both the native language and English.

This course sequence does not require a practicum although fieldwork is a requirement of most coursework.


Dr. Yvonne Pratt-Johnson
(718) 990-2645
[email protected]


  1. Completed application
  2. Application Fee
  3. Essay
  4. Bachelor's degree
  5. Official transcripts showing a B (3.0 GPA) or better average
  6. If you wish to obtain NYS certification, you will need to possess a degree in education and/or initial or provisional certification

Graduate Admission Contact Information

Queens Campus
Kelly K. Ronayne, D.A.
[email protected]

Hauppauge Location
Linda J. Faucetta, Director
[email protected]

Manhattan Location


EDU 9001 Foundations of Bilingual, Multicultural and Second Language Education
EDU 9002 Psychology and Sociology of Language and Bilingualism
EDU 9003 Literacy Development for First and Second Language Learners
EDU 9004 Content Area Instruction for Linguistically/Culturally Diverse Learners
EDU 9006 Human Development in Crosscultural Perspective
Total: 15 credits

Additional Information

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