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Advanced Certificate in TESOL or Bilingual Extension for NYC Teachers


The CRITI TESOL/Bilingual education program is an innovative “in-service” NYS Education Department funded partnership tuition-assistance project with St. John’s Graduate TESOL & Bilingual Education Programs.  CRITI offers current, eligible NYC public school teachers with ENL students an accelerated, short-term 15 credits intensive preparation program leading to NYSED certification in TESOL or the Bilingual Extension.  The project prepares cohorts of up to 20 “scholars” each year commencing spring semester and finishing in the fall semester of the same year.  Eligible individuals include General or content area classroom teachers and special education teachers at all levels. The program involves up-to-date theory and practice, reflective teaching methodology, classroom research and ongoing, and individual mentoring throughout the program. Completers develop expertise and certification in TESOL or Bilingual Education.

The CRITI grant is comprised of five courses that include exemplary research, pedagogy, theory and practice in the field.  CRITI scholars receive scholarship assistance of approximately 75% of tuition.

*See LINK to flier and pre-screening application.

Online Component
100% of the program is also offered ONLINE. Your advisor will help design a workable program for you if you choose this option.

New York State Teaching Certification
Graduates will obtain either the Advanced Certificate in TESOL or the Bilingual Extension Certificate upon successful completion of any required coursework, field experiences and New York State Education Department Certification Examinations.  Your advisor and School of Education staff will help guide you throughout this process

Program Handbook

Admission Requirements

  1. Please view the School of Education Graduate Admission Application Requirements for detailed admission information.

In addition, the following are required for admission:

  1. Currently employed as a Teacher in a NYC public school
  2. Bilingual candidates: fluency in a language other than English
  3. Initial teaching certification
  4. Official college transcripts (a Master’s Degree) showing a B (3.0 GPA) or better average
  5. Two letters of recommendation
  6. Completed application
  7. Application Fee
  8. Statement of Goals/Essay
  9. Accepted application by St. John’s University CR-ITI program
  • Career Options: Graduates will obtain either TESOL (PreK-12) NYS certification for teaching ENL students at the early childhood, childhood, middle school, and adolescent education levels or the Bilingual Extension Certificate for teaching in bilingual classroom settings.
  • Graduates are eligible to retain teaching positions or transition to self-contained TESOL classrooms, bilingual or dual language programs as well as regular classroom settings throughout New York State.
  • Global study of certain coursework is occasionally available in Italy, Greece, Spain and France.

Completion Rates

98% of our students complete their programs.

National and Trend Data

The CRITI project was created by the New York State Education Department as a response to the paucity of New York State and New York City public school teachers prepared and certified to professionally and competently meet the needs of the ENL students in their diverse classroom settings.  

Employment Trends

There is a dire need to prepare hundreds of NYC public school teachers to become certified as professionals able to meet the pedagogical needs of their ENL students.

  • EDU 9002: Psychology and Sociology of Language and Bilingualism
  • EDU 9003: Literacy Development for First and Second Language Learners or EDU 9005 Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and Dual Language Instruction (for Bilingual track)
  • EDU 9004: Content Area Instruction for Linguistically/Culturally Diverse Learners or EDU 9009: Teaching Strategies in the ESL and Bilingual Classroom: Science, Mathematics (for Bilingual track)
  • and Social Studies
  • EDU 9010: Linguistics for Teachers of English Language (ELL) and
  • Exceptional Learners
  • EDU 9012: Methods of Language and Academic Assessment for ELLs and Exceptional Learners

All TESOL students must have 12 credits of language other than English (or the equivalent) prior to program completion and seeking TESOL Certification.  Bilingual Extension students must be proficient in the second language. Students must take the CST in TESOL for certification or the BEA (Bilingual Education Assessment).

Program Contact

Dr. Audrey Figueroa Murphy

Audrey Figueroa Murphy, Ed.D

Program Coordinator and Associate Professor

Sullivan Hall Room 409
[email protected]