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Technical Training

Blackboard Training

You will need to know the basic Blackboard 9 tools to teach your online course. 

  1. The Center for Technology Education offers Blackboard on campus training, Portable Professor Workshops, as well as one-on-one assistance. For additional information about Blackboard on campus training and and related workshops, please contact Gary Young at [email protected].  Join these workshops to learn the valuable skills needed to navigate the courseware with ease.  Please note, the technology classrooms have computers, however, if you have a laptop, it is recommended to bring it to the workshop so you are working on a machine which is familiar to you. 
  2. In addition to campus based training, Blackboard online tutorials cover the most important Blackboard 9 courseware navigation tools.

Course Material Ownership Policy

Please note that St. John’s course ownership policy is that faculty members own course materials unless St. John’s University provides substantial use of university resources to create them, then the faculty member is entitled to any royalties resulting from licensing the course for use. St. John’s notifies a faculty member when the assistance that they request will be at this level.