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Writing Across Communities


Writing Across Communities at St. John’s University encourages and supports faculty and students who strive to use writing to sustain diverse academic, cultural, civic, and professional communities across and beyond the university.

As a program we are committed to these Writing Across Communities principles:

"First, the WACommunities approach regards language and literacy as human processes integral to building and maintaining human communities (cultural rhetorical ecologies). Second, it recognizes language diversity as a reflection of rich cultural connections locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. Third, it adopts the notion that the acquisition of academic literacy (and of standardized edited American English) should enhance students’ communicative resources, not erase them. Finally, it advocates culturally responsive approaches to literacy education across and beyond the curriculum" (Kells 2018).

As the program develops over the 2018-2019 academic year, watch this space and our Twitter for more ways to be involved.

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