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Family Orientation Program

One of our upcoming information sessions on our Queens and Staten Island campuses. During these informal presentations, we'll address the questions that families often have as they consider sending their students abroad, including:

1. Costs 

Did you know that our students “travel” with all their current financial aid? In addition, we award over $600,000 in additional grants to help make our programs more affordable.

2. Coursework

Our programs are custom-made for St. John’s students, and offer classes that fit nearly every student's schedule—particularly if they plan ahead. And with new programs being announced every year, there are a lot of options to explore!

3. Why go?

Study abroad can be a formative academic and personal experience, but equally important, global experience can provide that competitive advantage on the job market and for graduate school. Nationally, only about 10% of college undergraduates have studied abroad, while over 40% of St. John's students study abroad at some point during their academic career! Click here for tips on how your student can market their overseas experiences to potential employers.

Beyond our own orientation programs, we encourage you to research your students' destinations with them.  You can also find great resources online, including this Parent Orientation for Study Abroad, from Grand Valley State University, and this article from the New York Times. 

Semester and Short-Term Programs Family Information Session

The Office of International Education offers live and pre-recorded information sessions for short-term and semester programs. The information session offers a full overview not only of each of our wonderful programs abroad but of the policies and procedures in place to best prepare students for a successful and productive overseas experience.

Please email us at [email protected] for our Information Session schedule.

Family Pre-Departure Orientation 

Pre-Departure Orientation for the Family of Confirmed Students:

The Office of International Education invites all parents of students who have confirmed for a semester or short-term program to review OIE's Family Pre-Departure Orientation for Winter/Spring 2022 programs. 

Please call OIE at (718) 990-6105 or email [email protected] if you have any questions.