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The Language Connection offers customizable programs in English language and American culture. Programs can be designed based on the needs of your group, whether they be short- or long-term; professional or academic in focus; on-campus or on-site.

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About TLC's Specialized Programs

The Language Connection has also hosted grant-funded programs administered by the Institute of International Education.

The International Business and Entrepreneurship:Tools and Strategies Program at St. John’s University’s Manhattan campus is a unique program that introduces international students to basic concepts in international business and entrepreneurship together with the specialized language skills necessary to create, promote, and work in international business.  The campus is located in the heart of New York City, close to Union Square, the Village and SoHo.

Program participants will attend workshops in Business English & Culture and engage in a variety of practical activities such as role-plays to maximize English speaking skills. They will also attend classes taught by well-regarded professors in International Business concepts such as finance, marketing and design, technology and intellectual property rights. 

To apply the language and concepts learned in these workshops, and learn team-building skills, students will undertake a project working in groups to develop a business plan, culminating in an elevator pitch competition.

For inspiration and ideas, program participants will have the opportunity to visit both start-up and established businesses in New York City and to meet successful entrepreneurs.  An insider tour of Wall Street is also included.

The spring program is a two-week experience.  Participants may choose from two sessions:

Session I:             Sunday, March 11 - Saturday, March 24
Session II:            Sunday, April 8 - Saturday, April 21

A four-week experience is available in the summer (dates TBD)

For more information, contact Alexander Tiger via email at [email protected] or via Line at alexandertiger.

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Business English programs and courses are offered at St. John’s Manhattan campus, home of St. John’s School of Risk Management, Insurance and Actuarial Science, and the International Insurance Society headquarters. Its proximity to the business and financial hubs of the city, as well as the resources available to program participants within our facilities combine to provide the optimal environment for business professionals to enhance their language skills and cultural knowledge.

More and more multinational companies have adopted English as their language for conducting business. The challenge is that not all employees have had sufficient language training or have gained the confidence needed to navigate their way through the necessary language transactions they face every day.

Global English for Business Executives is designed to help non-native English speaking business leaders refine their English skills and cultural competence in order to communicate more effectively and easily in the global business environment.


Speaking in the Business World
Knowing what to say and how to say it may be the determining factor to a business’s success or failure. In this course, business executives will gain confidence communicating in English by engaging in role plays, mock interviews, formal and informal oral presentations, and simulated meetings to hone the English communication skills and culture-specific practices they will need in the global business environment.

Business Writing (memos, emails, reports, proposals)
The business world demands that written communication be clear and concise. In this course, business executives will learn and practice a system for writing that helps them generate and outline their ideas effectively and efficiently in emails, memos, short reports, and proposals. Business vocabulary and jargon are emphasized for more precise expression.

Grammar for Business Writing
In a business setting, accurate, fluid written communication is essential for clarity of meaning and the impression the writer wants to make. In this course, business executives will examine and correct troublesome grammar structures that are particular to non-native writers of English.

Customized Courses 
Courses can be created around the specific vocabulary and idiomatic expressions required for certain business groups. Such highly customized courses might necessitate sending a team member to sit in on corporate meetings – or other company interactions -- to identify the terminology to be used in materials for this course. The cost of highly customized courses will be determined depending on what is required to design such courses.


For information about program and course, costs, and schedules, please contact us at 212-277-5180 or [email protected].

St. John’s University has a long tradition of sports, sponsoring 17 NCAA Division I intercollegiate teams. You’ll find former SJU athletes competing in the NBA, WNBA, MLB, MLS, and PGA.  You can find our champion men’s basketball team playing at the world-famous Madison Square Garden—home to another well-known basketball team, the NY Knicks.

The 2-week summer English through Sports program aims to improve students’ vocabulary and spoken fluency in English through classroom lessons, tennis or soccer lessons on the St. John’s Queens campus, and excursions in New York City.  New York City is home to some of the world’s most famous sports teams, like the New York Yankees, and a number of sports venues where students can visit the places where some of their favorite athletes play.


English Language Fluency Classes
Classes meet in the morning, and students are exposed to listening material from a variety of media.  They engage in a variety of activities such as informal presentations, discussions, role-plays, and debates to maximize speaking (and listening) skills and focus on the requisite vocabulary and expressions for interacting with Americans in a variety of situations. Students also learn simple ways to make their speech more native-like, in order to communicate more effectively with speakers of English.  The content of classes focuses on sports, using the places to be visited within New York City and the city’s sports teams as a springboard for language learning. 

Sports Lessons

Option A: Tennis Lessons at SJU Tennis Academy 
Students will have the opportunity to have three 3-hour lessons per week with SJU Women’s Tennis coach Eric Rebhuhn on the SJU tennis courts.  Students will receive a tennis racquet and SJU t-shirt, and be able to use the English they are learning in the classroom to communicate with their coach and instructors while taking advantage of the summer weather. 

Option B: Soccer Lessons at SJU Soccer Camp 
Students will have the opportunity to have three 2-hour lessons per week with SJU soccer coach Dave Masur at SJU’s Belson Stadium.  Students will receive an SJU t-shirt, and be able to use the English they are learning in the classroom while improving their soccer skills in a friendly and fun-filled environment.

Excursions in New York City 
When they are not playing tennis or soccer, students will have the opportunity to visit locations around the city related to sports, such as the U.S. Tennis Association National Tennis Center—home to the U.S. Open—located nearby the SJU campus.  These are opportunities for students to apply what they have learned in their classrooms.  Students will be accompanied on excursions by SJU Student Ambassadors.  Our Student Ambassadors are SJU undergraduates, familiar with both New York City and St. John’s University.  In addition to being warm and friendly chaperones for students, Ambassadors provide opportunities for authentic English-language interaction well beyond the confines of the classroom walls.  Students put into practice what they’ve learned in their classrooms, extending their learning throughout the day.


For information about program and course, costs, and schedules, please contact us at 718-990-6845 or [email protected].